5 simple rules – How to prolong your life

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Everyone wants to live longer. Without good health to prolong his life will turn out. Here again come to the fore rules, observing that it is actually added to the very age of not less than ten years, scientists say.

1. The correct weight and normal food was added 7 years

Tuned food that is individually tailored diet is able to give as much as 10 years, according to Canadian experts. Their tests showed different kinds of power follows. The most healthy food – Mediterranean, with an abundance of vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish. People practice it hurt less cardiovascular disease, and these people had almost no cancer problems. In turn, the Japanese nutritionists have found out after a 12-year follow-up 50 000 people, which is the weight of the body is of great importance in the context of longevity. Experts believe – for 40 years people must have a small excess body weight, then they will live 6-7 years longer than thin.

2. Charging and walk added 4, 5 years

If you walk for an hour every day, and do exercises every morning, these simple manipulations can help to lengthen the life of 4-4, 5 years, according to experts from Harvard Medical School. The scientists of the institution conducted an interesting study. On the basis of the information provided in 10 years about the health of 650,000 Americans over the age of 40 years, they made the following conclusion. People engaged in a light morning fitness and walking at least 2, 5 hours per week, lived an average of 3, 4 years longer. Up to 4 to 5 years, this figure grew in those who breathe the fresh air of at least 7, 5 hours per week, and also worked in the morning fizzaryadkoy. What has turned out to be by weight is not dependent.

3. Positive and friends add 10 years

During 7 years, scientists have observed for each of the 150 volunteers are confident that public activity directly affects the duration of life. Those who showed social activity and helping other people, as well as in constant communication with those who need such help, he lived an average of 10 years longer than unsociable person. Experts compared the loneliness harm of smoking. Daily rejection of dialogue and closeness, as well as a sedentary lifestyle comparable to smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.

4. Family and education added 6 years

US experts have found that the level of education and marital status as well as social activity and affect life expectancy. Which clearly confirms the tests by 26 000 people. The conclusion is unambiguous scientists – graduates outlive school leavers 6 years. With regard to marital status, the married men live for 2, 5 years longer than bachelors, women and union adds one year.

5. Getting rid of bad habits add up to 15 years

Exactly – alcohol abuse and smoking Bates stay in this world for about 20%. But getting rid of these vicious habits, their former owner extends his life by 14-16 years. Visual proof provided by scientists from the University of Toronto. They spent many years of research, data have confirmed that people who quit smoking at the age of 35-44 years lived for 9 years longer than those who could not give up the habit.