Baby Carriages For pogodok with cradles

 Baby Strollers

When babies are born in the family of one after the other, it is an occasion for parents to think about what should be a common transport for kids. It is best for this purpose are suitable for wheelchair pogodok with cradles, allowing mom with two kids confidence to overcome quite a long distance.

Carriages of the plan are one or two domes (in the latter case would allow the partition between the children younger sleep, then as a senior will talk to my mother and not wake the baby).

It is important to pay attention to such things. It is desirable that a wheelchair could be placed as a child facing each other, and the "locomotive." On sale there are variants in which only one originally specified location kids – while mom and dad have to choose whether kids see each other for a walk, or they feel more comfortable to ride alone.

Pen carriage must be adjusted in height, folding stroller seat – have multiple tilt positions. Additionally, for the comfort of the child's back should recline in a prone position. Conveniently, the front wheels swivel. The folded stroller should be compact. If the mother uses a lift, it is desirable to clarify whether the wheelchair is placed in a disassembled form. Included, in addition to the basic tools, should ideally be raincoats, mosquito nets, warm wraps for legs, bag for Mom.

Some manufacturers offer strollers that can be used for pogodok and for twins. Included in a wheelchair may be two cradles, which are subsequently replaced walking blocks.

If parents want to buy for this purpose compact stroller, you can consider the option, in which the cradle with the youngest child is below the walking block eldest child. However, it should be noted that this arrangement for mom children uncomfortable, besides it is unlikely that an option is completely safe.

Sometimes moms prefer a wheelchair with footrest, if we are talking about the weather, but this state of affairs is often unhappy kids who want to travel in a wheelchair on an equal footing. In addition, based on the practices of the parents, if the child is older than 2 years, or in the case of the winter, step, which is located on the oldest child, is greatly inferior to full wheelchair pogodok.

Among the benefits of wheelchairs for children pogodok – the ability to control both children at the same time, the absence of conflict between the older child (until recently the sole owner of the carriage) and younger. It acquired a new thing for both children and jealousy on the part of the older child will.

Choosing a stroller for pogodok with cradles, should take into account all the nuances – as a convenience for mom and comfort in terms of children who need and the convenience of the general vehicle, and eventually have an equally good view. Choose the best for her children!