Braxton Hicks Contractions In


In 1872, Braxton Hicks from England described a phenomenon that can occur during pregnancy. Starting with 20 weeks, a woman may experience the so-called false labor, in which the cervix is ​​not expanding and labors will not start. Such contractions also called training because while they are preparing the body for the upcoming birth. They are not dangerous and do no harm. The most important thing for the mother – do not panic in such manifestations, and not to do anything extra.

During such "training" the woman feels a certain tone of the uterus, abdomen like a pull, the pain of it is not, and the regularity of such contractions do not differ. Their duration – up to 2 minutes. Sometimes the presence of a weak pain as during menstruation – but not much. Pain can be felt in the abdomen, but not in the pelvis and back.

If a woman is faced with such a phenomenon as the false contractions, she should be prepared for the fact that the fight can be activated up to 2 weeks before delivery. But they do not frequent as in childbirth, and vice versa, quickly subside, and can be stopped by changing body position or performing breathing exercises.

Ideally, Braxton Hicks contractions do not cause noticeable discomfort. But if the discomfort is still there, we recommend a calm walk, a warm shower, a dream. You can try to select a different position of the body in which a woman is most convenient. Or just try to breathe deeply – it helps get rid of stress. It is also good to drink juice or water.

The more active behaves pregnant, the more can show signs of false labor. Accordingly, in a state of rest, and discomfort will be less.

It is important to distinguish between a simple discomfort of anxiety symptoms. If there was a strong contractions increasing pain, they became intense and prolonged, you immediately see a doctor. Special care needs to be pregnant at time of 37-38 weeks – with increased symptoms, even painless, recommended rest and even a hospital stay. It should also be wary if there were changes in the movement of the child or the child was much less move. Reasons to call the ambulance a few: the selection of amniotic fluid (even in small amounts), spotting, cramping, differential pressure, dizziness, decreased vision. In any case, if there were any doubts or suspicions, it is better to consult a doctor.

It is believed that if a woman during pregnancy were false contractions, the body during childbirth will be easier to survive the stress. Although, of course, childbirth – an individual matter, and for depends on many different factors. The best option – to show observant and tranquility, as well as to enlist the support of an experienced physician. Be healthy and easy delivery to you!