Care in the decree 2013 – Holidays Dates Registration and Benefits


Future mother interested in different aspects of maternity leave: this is the beginning of a period of maternity leave, the rules of execution of the decree, as well as the size of the potential benefits, intended for maternity leave.

Maternity leave is put every pregnant woman under the law. It is 140 days – 70 days before childbirth and 70 days after. Individually the number of days of maternity leave can be changed, if the pregnancy is multiple, mother waiting a few babies – prenatal leave will be 84 calendar days and 100 days after birth. If childbirth was heavy and difficult, it may be extended leave after childbirth – up to 86 calendar days. In a situation when the woman gave birth prematurely – before 30 weeks of pregnancy, post-natal maternity leave is extended to 156 calendar days.

To find the exit rules on maternity leave in 2013, it is necessary to ask for information in the legislation. The first is to understand the concepts and not to be confused maternity leave and child care.

Maternity leave is rest, which is granted to women before and after childbirth, it consists of two parts: a pre-natal and post-natal period, followed by a leave to care for a child.

Leave for child care is provided to a woman the child reaches the age of 3 years on the application. Daylight benefit there under the sheet of disability (the hospital), issued by the medical institution where the woman was on the account and conducted surveillance of pregnancy.

Calculate benefits based on a woman's pay during the last two calendar years preceding the year of the onset of maternity leave. Despite the size of the wage, the benefit can not be less than the minimum wage.

Annual paid leave, which relies on the work of a woman, it can be used before or after maternity leave him. It happens that a woman wants to work longer and on maternity leave after the statutory period. Despite the desire of the future mother, a doctor has no right to prescribe sick leave after the deadline. Since the first day of maternity leave a woman is recognized incapacitated and can not continue to work. If a woman works at work, conditions which are too severe for pregnant women or the expectant mother is exposed to harmful factors, the employer shall offer another job or a more gentle mode, while maintaining the previous level of wages.

From 1 January 2013 changed the rules for calculating maternity benefit. For example, the expectant mother goes on maternity leave in 2013, so the period for calculation will be 2011 and 2012 – two years preceding the year in which a woman goes on maternity leave. It is necessary to lay down their wages in these two years – 730 calendar days. Determine the average earnings possible by dividing the amount of income calculated for 2 years 730 days. To determine the amount of maternity benefit, calculated the average salary is multiplied by 140 days – the duration of maternity leave. That will have a total amount of benefits provided for the whole maternity leave.

Every pregnant woman should know the size of her entitlement benefits, as well as the order of their registration. To obtain the necessary information on relevant social payments, the woman should contact the appropriate service.