Child allowances to single mothers in 2013

 Single mother

In our society, a single mother is considered to be a woman who single-handedly bringing up one or more of the child, however, the law is not entirely true. In fact, by law, a single mother can be considered a woman who gave birth to a child out of wedlock, after 300 days after divorce or if the paternity of the child can not be established. But even if the baby was born in a marriage or after its dissolution in less than 300 days, but the former spouse successfully challenged the paternity of the woman is still acquiring the status of a single mother. This status and becomes a single woman, adopted or adopt a baby. What does this status and how much is a child allowance for single mothers on 2013god? We will understand.

Single mothers receive benefits on a par with other mothers, the sum of them may be higher. According to the laws of the Russian Federation of all federal child benefits for 2013 were planned indexed by a factor of 1, 055, that is increased by 5, 5%. This suggests that a woman became a time on record in the women's clinic, will receive at 465, 2 rubles in 2012 and 490, 79 rubles. For the birth of the first baby of a lump sum amount from 1 January 2013 year will be equal to 13 087, 61 rubles, that is, (12 405, 32h1, 055). Maternal capital in this case is 408,960, 51rubley. And, whole numbers, this amount will not be rounded.

Speaking of maternity allowance for single mothers to care for a child up to 1, 5 years, it should be said that in 2013 for the first child pay a minimum of 2 453, 93 rubles, and for the second and subsequent children 4907, 85 rubles. The maximum threshold of these benefits for the child will be 15,429 Russian rubles. However, it should be borne in mind that the indexation of benefits by a factor of 1, 055 only applies to kids born on January 1, 2013 and later. The maximum amount paid benefits for pregnancy and childbirth from 01.01 in 2013 shall not exceed 38 573, 97 rubles. But persons who are not subject to compulsory social insurance are entitled to an allowance in the amount of 9815, 71 rubles.

Given that the monthly allowance is established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, its subjects, each of which calculates the sum of its factors, the amount of allowances to single mothers in different regions of Russia can be different. In addition, each of these entities may pay and their benefits. For example, for the timely registration with the pregnancy in Moscow, the future mom is entitled to receive an additional 600 rubles. Single mothers with Moscow residence permit who have given birth before the age of 30 years old the first child for the birth of the baby will receive 18 057, 25 rubles per second – 25 280 15 rubles, and for the third and subsequent – 36 114, 5 rubles. If their income does not exceed 8000 rubles per person per month, these women the right to count as a benefit of 1 500 rubles.

In addition to these cash benefits, single mothers are entitled to additional measures and financial and other support. For example, a single mother has the right to expect to receive a free set of children's dowry for the newborn baby. She was obliged to make up the difference price of food for children up to 3 years. In addition, single mothers are eligible for free milk products for children under the age of 3 years of age, and even free medicines for children of the same age. Children under the age of polutoragodovalogo age should not be taken into account in the number living in the apartment in the calculation of payment for the cleaning and removal of solid food waste.

The children of single mothers are entitled to free 2 meals a day at school. These mothers enjoy the benefits when paying for children's music and art schools and children's art schools. Fee for pre-school institution for single mothers is reduced by 50%, while in school, these kids are taken out of the lineup. With regard to the tax code, it provides tax deductions for each child monthly fixed sum of 300 rubles.

The Labour Code also does not remain on the sidelines. It spelled out the benefits of a single mother -which is entitled to additional leave of 14 calendar days without pay at any time for a woman. In addition, it has 4 additional calendar days off in a month. But on receiving preferential residential area of ​​single mothers can not count. In this they are completely equated with the rights of other citizens. Know your rights skillfully use this knowledge!