Correction Hyperactivity in children – Tips and advice for parents


Hyperactivity in children delivered a lot of trouble to parents, demanding special treatment for the child's upbringing and education. What is different from other giperativny child? Hyperactive children experts described as impulsive, emotionally unstable, restless, fidgety and restless.

Giperativnosti Symptoms begin to appear at age 2 to 3 years, but most parents notice the problem only when the child goes to school there and faced with difficulties. Problems related to the kid in learning due to the fact that the child with hyperactivity is difficult to focus, be careful and diligent, he often quickly lose interest in a specific job, and switches his attention to something else. Despite the fact that these children are too active, they get tired very quickly. It is often combined with hyperactivity attention deficit disorder. Obviously, such a child needs special attention and assistance is essential correction of hyperactivity in children.

Correction hyperactivity is most effective if it is integrated: the teacher will work with the child, taking into account its features, nevropatalog prescribe medicated preparations for the correction, the parents will communicate with the child, taking into account the recommendations of experts. The child and parents need to work with a psychologist.

There are a number of rules and guidelines to be observed by all parents in dealing with a hyperactive child. First and foremost, it is important to take care of that child is not overtired and overexcited, it is important holiday in sufficient quantities, calm at home and respect for the day. Second, if the classes with the child, they should focus on something one, for example, in training one specific skill. Third, a hyperactive child more suitable individual classes, rather than collectively. To correct hyperactivity commonly used special games aimed at the development of attention, securing communication skills, removing emotional and physical stress. We give some examples of games used for correcting hyperactivity.

Playing on the development of attention "reformer"

  During this game the child is issued a piece of text in which you want to delete a certain letter. This letter is assigned to the "wrong", the baby has an opportunity to correct mistakes and to feel important. The time for such a game is given no more than 10 minutes, after which an adult should check whether all the "wrong" letters struck the child.

Playing on the development of attention, "Eagle Eye"

  To carry out this game chosen a subject that will continue to search for the child. It is important to let him get acquainted with how the object looks and ask him to leave the room. Then the object is put in the place that is not evident from the first time, that is, to the kid could not find him, he needs to examine in detail the room and all the items in it. You can not hide the object in the shelf behind the sofa and other inaccessible places to look.

Play for relaxation "Touch me"

  For the game needed items of different materials: fur, fabric, wood, plastic. Before the game, it is important to let your child become familiar with the objects visually and tactilely, then you need to ask him to close his eyes and turns to touch him objects, allowing the child to guess what the object it touches.

Game for development of communication skills "Blind artist '

  For this game, you will need the company of kids. One of them blindfolded and produce items for drawing: a sheet of paper and a pencil. Second child ear says a certain word that should draw the first. Second child fully corrective action "artist", using words and without touching it. The aim of the "artist" is to listen carefully to the guidance of his team-mate and draw blindfolded make come true subject.

Parents should understand that hyperactivity – this is such a feature of the child and take her child unconditionally. A child can not be compared with other children, to scold the child should be only for business, but not to cry and not to offend. In hyperactive children often low self-esteem, and the task of parents to help the child develop self-esteem. Parents need to keep the child with the child to find something that he likes the most interesting and best obtained, and work in this direction. Because interest is to maintain the child's attention and achieving success and getting into a situation of success in the child self-esteem will rise and it will be more relaxed, to establish relationships with adults and with peers. Protect yourself and your children!