Does it hurt to give birth First Time


If a woman for the first time coming generations, it is, of course, I think about how this is a painful process. But we must remember that this process is natural, and that the result will be a long-awaited meeting with the kid.

As a rule, no new mother can not describe with precision their condition during labor and to tell what exactly hurt. There is evidence that pain in childbirth is commensurate with 20 fractures received simultaneously.

No wonder that nature has taken care that the women could not remember it – or none of them wanted to give birth again! But once a woman sees her child, she immediately forgets everything that has just happened.

Interestingly, in ancient times, many people considered normal births, which flows virtually painless. Future mother taught in advance how to behave, and children are born naturally with virtually no interference. People were closer to nature, to live according to its laws, were much stronger, fitter and healthier.

In each case, different pain. A lot depends on how high pain threshold, because one person can lose consciousness from severe pain, and second, it seems not so strong. And Pregnant Women – some completely lose control of themselves and others even try to manage the situation and frankly surprised by their medical staff exposure.

How to tell the moms themselves, the most painful in labor – a struggle, especially when they are becoming more frequent. Depending on how long the process of birth, and pain can be either exhausting or relatively easily portable. Some women give birth to their babies rapidly – respectively and fights do not last long, and even when strong pain the woman loses all power and does not require a lot of support. But in some cases, the whole process is delayed (not fully open the womb, the woman can not normally tolerate what is happening, panic does not react to the words of a doctor, and so on).

Scientists have proven that a lot of pain during childbirth it provokes fear – a woman is experiencing severe stress because of their fear that the effect on her physical condition.

In many ways, it all depends on how well adjusted the woman to give birth. To make it easier for the upcoming birth, is very detail all discuss with your doctor and literally learn his recommendations – how to behave during labor, how to push and so on. If a woman in labor is calm, then it will be much easier, and physicians will be easier to provide the necessary assistance. Well, if you will take part in childbirth doctor available capable of explaining what is happening, do not raise your voice, to reassure and adjust for the best. Therefore, it is desirable to know in advance who will take delivery – you can share with your doctor your fears and doubts, it is better even before the birth of their dispel, remove all but the negative.

As for gaps and cracks of soft tissues, which many pregnant women are afraid (because a friend told), by painful sensations such damage can be almost unnoticed, and if you need stitches immediately after birth, making the pre-anesthetic injection. Not necessarily that such damage will generally be because the nature of the envisaged increase in the elasticity of the soft tissues to the child could pass through the birth canal without harming herself and her mother. Of course, there are exceptions – if, for example, a large baby or mother is obese, and the lack of elasticity of the tissue of the perineum because of fatty deposits.

There are many other nuances that are individually able to explain the doctor. Good luck and let everything will be fine!