Fasting day on apples – ways of improvement

 How to lose weight

Dietitian long been established and confirmed that the use of "hard" diet – a useless, harmful way to get rid of superfluous kilograms. The human body is the dieter gets serious stress, which subsequently required to affect the health negatively. The most appropriate way of getting rid of body fat, body shaping, today considered to be the use of unloading days that dietitians advise to carry out one or two times a week. One of the most effective days of discharge is a fasting day on apples. Anyone goodbye to several kilograms, certainly knows about the benefits of such a fasting day. There are many varieties of apple fasting days.

Apples – a surprisingly useful, affordable fruit, with an impressive vitamin composition. Also extremely valuable vitamins of group B, they contain vitamins E, C, PP, minerals, necessary for normal functioning of all organs of the human body. Antioxidants present in apples absolutely any sort, efficient way to protect your lungs from harmful exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Ordinary apples enhances immunity. Present in these polyphenols, the flavonoids have a fairly strong anti-tumor effect. This apple is perfectly regulate the intestinal microflora. Inclusion of apples in the diet provides normal functioning of the intestines, relieves chronic constipation.

To carry out the classical fasting day on apples you only need two ingredients: it is, of course, apples and mineral water is not carbonated. Apples should choose not sweet. The daily quantity of apples used in the fasting day should be equal to two kilograms. You also need to stock up for a day of 2 liters of mineral carbonated water does not, you can optionally replace the mineral water, green tea, but without sugar. Prior to the discharge of the day should take effective laxative. It is possible for the discharge of the day use baked apples, part of which should be somewhat higher than the untreated raw apples. Baked apples contain pectin, a substance that promotes largely increased metabolism, toxins, toxins.

Fasting day on apples is carried out as follows. First, you need the total number of available apples divide into 6 equal pieces that you eat at regular time intervals. Each meal consisting of apples, you should drink a glass of mineral water or green tea without sugar. It will be absolutely no more than at the end of the day discharge also drink a laxative. If you want to spend fasting day on apples baked, then cut them in half, removing the seeds available. You can drop an apple on a modicum of natural honey, sprinkle with cinnamon, you get a very tasty and healthy. Try to use the fasting day baked apple every two hours.

If a fasting day will seem too "hard", it is possible to spend a day of discharge, such as low fat cottage cheese and apples. This fasting day rather "soft", which is recommended even for pregnant women. In this case you will need 600 grams of cottage cheese for the whole day and about a kilo of apples. Drinks can with absolutely any drink, other than those that contain caffeine.

Some people prefer to spend their fasting day on apples and yogurt. In this case you need to stock up on apples and yogurt kilogram average fat content is equal to 2, 5%. As a laxative is recommended to use vegetable charges. Total for the month normal rate frequency conducted fasting days are considered to be 6 days of discharge – do not overdo it.

Fasting days in general, especially on apples – an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension, efficient recovery process of metabolism. Use this great opportunity to improve your body.