Fundamentals of primary processing Newborn


The birth of a baby – it's one of the most wonderful and sacred mystery of nature. With the help of various modern technologies, deliveries may already be painless and quite short. However, procedures such as primary treatment of the newborn is still carried out on approximately the same pattern as many years ago. Few women are aware of what constitutes such procedures as they usually are carried out immediately after birth experienced midwife in a special room, and with the help of a whole set of special equipment and tools, as well as dressing.

At the first stage of the nasopharynx and prevention of oral cleansing of its contents. Normally, mucus from the nasal passages and pharynx removed using special suction or ordinary rubber bulb. The next step is the prevention of gonorrhea, for which newborn eyes rubbed with a special solution and instilled 1 drop of 30% solution of sodium sulfatsil. Another stage of initial processing newborn female is washing the vulva 2 drops of the same solution. Then carried out important procedures for the prevention of various infections and infestations navel.

Handling the cord includes prophylaxis of bleeding and the prevention of sepsis. To do this, umbilical cord baby Kocher clamps applied: the first is applied about 10-15 cm from the ring, and the second by 2-3 centimeters farther (from the baby's body). Then, the area between the clamps is processed with alcohol or alcohol solution of 5% iodine, and the remainder of the umbilical cord is cut. If at this stage in the umbilical cord or the baby's body has blood and dirt, washed the body of the newborn baby soap and water at room temperature, and then wipe dry with a sterile cloth or diaper.

Then continues stage primary processing newborn: the cord was treated at 0, 5% chlorhexidine gluconate in 70% ethanol, followed by a distance of about half a centimeter from the umbilical ring is superimposed Kocher clamp. Then, using special forceps umbilical locked sterile metal bracket Rogovin, and the cord is cut off for one and a half centimeters above the edge of the brackets, using gauze squeeze the contents of the umbilical cord with the outer end. The cut the umbilical cord and its entire remainder is processed with alcohol or alcohol solution of 5% iodine. Then, the film-forming agents can be imposed.

Handling the cord is a very important step in the overall processing procedures, since the probability of infection is quite high. Finally, the final fourth stage of initial processing newborn is prevention of pyoderma. In this stage, with a swab moistened with vegetable oil or other natural oil, processed baby's skin and is removed syrovidnaya lubricant. This preventive treatment ends, and usually go to the measurement of height, weight lifting and other anthropometric data of the newborn, toddler and made the marking is placed under the supervision of specialist obstetricians in a few hours.