Gain Weight in the home – How to help yourself?


Many question "How to gain weight at home? "Is a sarcastic smile. Pulls answer – "I would be your problem! ". After all, it seems that at a time when obesity is becoming a wholesale global problem, the question of weight gain sounds mockingly. But in fact, this problem is solved no easier than the problem of weight loss, though far fewer people care about.

The reasons why some people need to gain weight at home can be very different. By unhealthy thinness can cause scoliosis if curved spine affecting the thyroid gland. With this problem at home can not cope, so the sooner you contact the person, the more likely you will be able to recover. Another problem is the thinness leads to gastrointestinal disease. The disease is often accompanied by a decrease in the digestibility of the food. Recently, there are also many who want to be incredibly slim, bringing himself to starvation of anorexia. And this is a syndrome that can lead to death. To cope with this syndrome, you need a psychologist.

But let's talk about the basic principles of how to gain weight at home. Firstly, I do not think that gaining weight is easy. The man in the body can be an excess of cortisol – the hormone responsible for the breakdown of tissues. And no matter how much people eat, cortisol everything will burn. To resolve this issue must be fully examined and to identify the problem, pass the appropriate treatment.

In order for a person to gain weight at home he needs a lot of calories. Moreover, it is not necessary at once, indiscriminately, to begin to eat high-calorie foods. To increase muscle mass is necessary, and not to accumulate fat.

For weight gain diet and necessary mode, just as with weight loss. Only a proper diet consisting of cereals and legumes, fruits and vegetables, milk, lean meat, rich in protein, and fish can help a person to gain weight.

It is necessary that food has become a regular, 3 single, which is strictly adhered to. In addition, between meals is necessary to arrange snacks, which also should be three. It should be a timetable for the meal, which must be strictly followed. Determined to gain weight, you need to replace high-calorie low-calorie foods. It should also abandon low-calorie beverages such as coffee without sugar, mineral water or soda. They should replace the natural juices, milk or cream. Moreover, the milk must be 1, 5% fat, as it ideal concentration of carbohydrates and proteins, and almost no fat. Low-calorie salads need to replace meals of potatoes, and legumes.

Remember that the food should be diverse, and carry pleasure. Eat foods containing a starch, and is various cereals, rice, potatoes, bread. Dilute the diet of fruits and vegetables. By the way, do not forget about the dishes that contain protein. These include dishes of chicken, red meat, cheese, eggs, peanut butter. You can also spice up the food 2 tablespoons butter or margarine.

To properly set the weight of your food should be protein and carbohydrate, with a minimal amount of fat. This means that the chicken should be the main course if you are planning to gain weight at home. It is perfectly absorbed and there is enough protein. Do not forget the eggs. Remember that it is better to use boiled boiled, and not more than 3 per week.

Hopefully, these tips will go in your favor, and you will soon feel that your weight is normal. Good luck, and strength in the struggle for their health and a beautiful figure!