Game Drawing for children

 children draw

One of the favorite pastimes of children, of course, drawing. Every parent will agree with this statement, seeing the happy eyes of the child are created using paint or pencil another small masterpiece. Those who know about the benefits of drawing for the children's parents have maintained in their pursuit of Babe drawing, to create something new, exclusive, created by the hands of your baby.

Game Drawing for children this is probably the best and most fun way to take a child to give him a rest after a strenuous game. Besides drawing lessons introduce the baby to the world of creativity, teach its beauty, make it possible to unleash your creativity. It is very important to support and assist parents who have the right to respond to the children's creativity, not to approach critical to the assessment of children's drawings, and maintain their commitment to engage in drawing, praising their work, complementing their practical advice.

Begins to draw a baby can have a 12-14 months, when he was able to handle small items. The main thing to show and teach the kid how to hold the chalk from which and should start to learn to draw. After learning how to keep it tight in his fist, not a pinch, then the baby will have to retrain. Draw simple lines with the baby, circles and squares are not painting a picture, or complex parts. More desperate parents may try to teach the baby to draw fingers with paint. Just make sure that such finger paints will not cause allergies in the baby. Pouring paint into a flat container and giving the child a clean sheet of paper, the adult child must show by example how you can draw with your fingers. Believe me, delight, delight like a baby when drawing fingers, you will see will not soon.

Game drawing for children can be very diverse. When the baby is a little older, the game will be more interesting. Parents can offer a child to draw milk. Having a clean sheet, brush and container with milk, and begin to create. Babe was surprised and concerned when he saw that his drawing disappeared when dried milk. Worry baby understandable: his drawing away! Reassure your baby if he is upset about this. Show him the focus by holding a sheet over a table lamp or an iron to iron it. His secret picture will appear.

A great way to draw and create new, unusual drawing will klyaksografiya. Suffice it to do a clean sheet blot, and picking up a brush blots out to make an unusual and interesting picture, drawing a new animal or bird, or man the royal castle.

Excellent kids entertained and develop such games for kids drawing as symmetrical patterns. To do this, take a blank sheet of paper, and pre-folded it in half, on one side, or draw a picture paints abstraction. Then folded the sheet and pressed his palm, drawing printed on the second side of the sheet, and as a result get an extraordinary, wonderful picture. Drawing a half house, and folded the sheet, you can get a house.

Bitmaps also like your kids. Drawing a sprig of lilac, you can ask the kid to paint leaves, taking a brush or cotton swab paints putting points around twigs. You can also draw the berries on the branches of trees and shrubs.

The game involves drawing children drawing as fingers, cotton buds, brushes and crayons, markers or crayons. In the latter case, especially developing fine motor skills of the child, which is very useful for the child's development and well help prepare him to handle school.