Hardening of children under one year – Tips and Tricks

 baby on her mother's arms

At birth, small child falls into a completely alien environment for him. Endowed with a variety of natural mechanisms of regulation, it seeks to survive. Available in a child at birth mechanisms of thermoregulation warn and safeguard it from significant overheating and overcooling. Begin hardening children under one year is absolutely necessary. Kutaya it permanently, protecting the child from external weather disturbances, mothers are deprived of natural thermoregulatory mechanisms perform their basic functions. It was at an early age lays the immune system, protect the baby as he matures. Significant endurance natural environment will help develop early hardening of a young child under the age of years. Failure pledged natural reserve thermoregulation leads to a gradual and imperceptible atrofatsii this mechanism.

Hardening of children under one year comes with air scattered sunlight, water. This is accompanied by improvement of the mechanism of thermoregulation, significantly improves the metabolism in the body of the child, he begins to develop faster and the process of adaptation to everyday life goes much easier. Hardening – the main method, effectively increases the resistance of the child's body to the environment.

For the positive effect of the rules is necessary to observe the general hardening a small child
.  Doing is required on a daily basis, throughout the year
.  Any interruptions lead to a significant weakening of the already obtained results
.  Week break brings all your previous efforts to minimize
.  It is necessary to constantly change procedures in order to avoid getting used to him the body of the child
.  It is necessary to vary the hardening procedures of children under one year of summer showers or dousing legs in accordance with the time of year and the state of health of the child
.  Exceptionally all procedures should be included in the daily routine of a young child
.  They have become quite commonplace event for the baby, such as walking, playing, eating
.  During the hardening procedures very carefully, given the state of the child, wiping lower the temperature, showering or dousing legs
.  Exposure to decrease temperature should be consistent and always continuous
.  Also, it is necessary to increase the duration of the serial mode of tempering procedures, gradually lowering the temperature of the air
.  All this must be done very delicately, eliminating the possibility of harm to the baby

It is essential to carry out hardening of children up to a year weakened by illness
.  These babies are premature infants suffering from malnutrition, eskudativnym diathesis, allergic diseases
.  When hardening of small children should take into account the individual features of a child's development
.  Parents should be sure to know that the weaker the child, the more careful you need to approach it indispensable hardening, especially in the age of one year
.  If the baby is sick, it is necessary, after consulting with a pediatrician, reduce the burden of hardening, Hold load reduction is necessary to complete recovery of the child
.  Subsequently, all have to start again
.  The positive mood of the child during the procedure of tempering is absolutely necessary
.  Come up with some interesting game for a child or telling a story during hardening
.  The child shall enjoy the communication with parents during the passage of the procedure, then it will wait for the hardening and effectiveness of the procedures performed will increase significantly

Spend airing the room, of course, in the absence of the child. Such hardening of children under one year air reduced by about one degree in the fall and winter, and three degrees in the spring and summer, a very positive effect on the overall development of the child. The baby must be in the room at a temperature no higher than 22 degrees. Quenching method is sleeping outdoors or walking outdoors. Dear Parents, please remember that it is the first year of your baby determines his whole life, health, physical development, resistance to stress, mental abilities. Love and engaged in their children.