Hardening of children 3 years of age is extremely important

 Hardening of children

In recent years significantly increased the number of children suffering due to unfavorable environmental conditions, bad heredity, poor standards of health, sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the resistance of the body of the child to negative environmental factors through systematic hardening. The right thing to start light quenching babies from birth, then by age three, they will be prepared to increase the length of procedures. Quite often nonhardened child has headaches, dizziness, decreased hemoglobin, which could adversely affect both the physical and the mental development of the baby. That is why the question of hardening of children 3 years of age becomes extremely important.

Before you begin hardening procedures, you should consult with an expert on the subject of what kind of treatments you can use for your child
.  In addition, it is necessary to monitor the absence of negative emotions kids to hardening brought joy kids
.  It is believed that one of the most important tempering procedures are air baths
.  Child must be permanently displayed on the fresh air, which is useful to do gymnastics or play outdoor games
.  When hardening of children 3 years of age, it is important to constantly work the breathing apparatus of the Child
.  The combination of air baths with exercise – it is an opportune moment not only the temperature effects on the body, but getting oxygen through the skin into the bloodstream
.  It is well known that at an early age is very high permeability of the skin
.  When outside torrential rain and biting wind, with a preliminary cross-ventilation and engage with the child in the exercise room
.  You can use room air conditioners, regulating the temperature and humidity automatically premises
.  Air baths should be done systematically, at any time of the year, then they will be of maximum effect

The second important tempering procedures children three years of age are sunbathing
.  Hardening of children 3 years of age when making light and baths should be conducted carefully, observing all safety precautions
.  Ultraviolet rays are extremely beneficial to the immune system of the child, and infrared rays can cause overheating, which is particularly dangerous for children with increased neuro-reflex excitability
.  Too long time in the sun is unacceptable
.  Ultraviolet radiation has a beneficial effect on the development of bone and brain, but sunbathing sure to wear a hat bright colors
.  Several years ago, in the cities of the Far North, where in winter there is the polar night, the artificial ultraviolet irradiation, or kvartsevanie, but in recent years scientists have discovered its negative carcinogenic effect
.  Therefore, in the summer months there is a massive export of children from northern cities in the southern regions
.  And, of course, the main contraindication hardening of children 3 years of the sun is hot weather, when the temperature reaches thirty degrees
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Third largest variety of water procedures are considered to be hardening. At the age of three can use the general wiping, pouring. Such mandatory procedures such as washing, cleaning the bathing water are also hardening. Optimal temperature of the water must first be 27 °, then it can be reduced gradually. Stronger tempering influence taking a shower because there is included an additional mechanical action. Pretty common and extremely useful is the contrast alternately dousing baby feet cool and warm water at a minimum temperature of 20 °.

Nontraditional methods of hardening of children 3 years of age, usually associated with short-term contact of the naked body of a child with ice water, snow, negative air temperature. Medical workers have extremely negative attitude to such tempering procedures, because they can lead to chronic diseases. Tempered your kids right!