How to Determine What Child Lefty

 Child Lefty

The reason that the child does everything with his left hand, may become social factors, heredity, pathological changes in the body – and experts believe that the most likely causes of these occur. Many parents are wondering how to determine that the child is left-handed – in fact it is not difficult.

The fact that the left-handed child, can be caused genetically. If the parents or relatives have such a feature, it is likely that the child will do everything with his left hand.

There is also a compensatory phenomenon – as a result of illness or injury disrupted the activities of the brain and the child does with his left hand all that is in the normal state would do right. Contrary to the fears of parents, such a thing is not the cause of violations, the child uses his left hand as a result of violations that have already occurred.

In some children, due to the peculiarities of the brain, if not dominated by one of the hemispheres of the brain may develop psevdolevorukost or they will be successfully used both hands on an equal footing. Furthermore, it may change in the dominant hemisphere – and the child may be "hidden left-handed."

If parents want to determine if their child is left-handed, they need to remember that children under 2 years old can shift the spoon or a pencil in one direction and then the other hand. Up to 4 years they have a good command of both hands, and only after that age, you can determine what kind of hand is dominant. However, it can be assumed at the age of 17 weeks, enough to track just how much the baby compresses cams both handles. Which cam compressed with greater power – the one hand, most likely, will dominate.

At the age of reason can be offered tests for children in the form of the game. For example, ask to draw a picture first with one hand and then the other. Or offer your child to open and close the box, throw tennis balls in the basket, spread the cards, screw the lid on the jar, to build a house out of blocks, to show the "magpie-crow," pet teddy bear. During these simple manipulations easy to see which hand is leading.

According to statistics, almost every child who writes with his left hand, and at home it is better managed with it. Often left-handed beautiful handwriting. They also extraordinary personality and manifest themselves in many areas as a very talented people. British scientists say that lefties gets bigger every year, and, in their opinion, it is good for the intellectual growth of society as a whole, and contributes to the emergence of brilliant scientists, writers, artists. Parents of special (quite full!) Kids need only attention, support and timely acquisition of necessary details for the left-handed children – such as recipe, stationery and so on.

So, to answer the question how to determine that the child is left-handed and right with this simple task, you can feel happy for their child and support him in all creative endeavors. Health and good mood your daze!