How to properly give birth?


Childbirth – a natural finishing process of carrying a child. For any relationship to this physiological process a woman experiences an incredible excitement and fear of childbirth. Despite the joy of the birth of the future member of the family, many women having a baby brings great physical and psychological problems. Therefore, gynecologists during the whole period of pregnancy and midwives in the hospital carried out serious work to teach a woman how to give birth.

As a rule, the ratio of women giving birth to the process of labor varies from a peaceful and joyful state to reverent hysterically. In most cases, postpartum women at all forget about their suffering. This difficult period of consciousness mothers displace other thoughts and new concerns. Obstetricians believe that the right to give birth, then produce a child without unnecessary pain and no complications for newborns and mothers. Therefore, any expectant mother should be sure to attend special training courses for childbirth, read professional literature, studying medical sites on the Internet related to the impending important point.

Of course, every woman alone decides where to give birth. However, it should be aware that home births – a very dangerous process. Refer to the experience of grandparents, when they produce offspring "in the field" unreasonable. Since then, much has changed in the world. According to statistics, during home births in almost half the time a child is born with any complications. And for mothers during childbirth often raises the question of caesarean section.

So-called partner generations – is also quite ambiguous process. A loving husband, a woman attendant at birth is not always emotionally prepared to see that, even if regularly visited with special courses giving birth. Some husbands partner after childbirth cease to perceive his wife as a sexual partner. This perception is quite natural. Men are not able to give birth, so it is difficult to understand the attitude of the pregnant woman. But still some men to help women during childbirth, making a special relaxing massage, a woman of moral support. Men's better to just be a woman in labor nearby, but not directly observe the process of birth of the child. Having a baby is a lot of stress for men. To this we must be prepared.

In considering how to give birth, it should be noted that on admission to the hospital, qualified staff in most cases refers to the friendly woman in labor, but not always woman in this period adequately perceive the information. Natural childbirth usually start at 38 – 42 weeks of pregnancy. Generic process involves three stages. The first stage – the opening of the uterus, the second stage – the birth of a baby, the third stage – the placenta. On average, the whole process of labor in nulliparous women lasts about 9 – 11 hours. In multiparous women labors it takes about 6 – 8 hours.

If a woman feels that waste amniotic fluid every 10 – 12 minutes to continue the bout, then an urgent need to go to the hospital. Expectant mother is better to prepare everything necessary for himself and the newborn.

The process of birth is to take place quietly, orderly. To facilitate the pain is not always to be taken painkillers. Currently, there are special breathing and relaxation techniques taught in the course of preparation for childbirth.

During the period of full disclosure of the cervix is ​​a reduction of abdominal muscles (attempts). Women attending classes in preparation for childbirth, quickly realizes that she needs to do. With the help of special exercises on stage she can correctly attempts to give birth. The main thing in this moment: to help promote child through the birth canal. With appropriate training delivery can literally walk for half an hour. Followed by a first encounter with a newborn.

From the medical staff need to be monitored for the occurrence of a generic process. The birth of a baby – the brightest day in the life of every mother!