I'm afraid to give birth – what to do


Motherhood for women – a welcome and long-awaited state, but sometimes on the way to the secret birth of a child a woman encounters major obstacles not related to the physiological ability of conception. Among them – the fear. A woman may face the question: "I'm afraid to give birth, what to do? "- And in this case the need for a comprehensive approach to the problem.

Once the decision to conceive a child and passed the necessary examinations of both partners, should be sure to tune in a positive way. It depends not only on the self-perception of women, but in many ways from her circle of communication.

Many of her friends already have children, can tell stories about what failure and even tragedies beset pregnant women and mothers on the way to the coveted event. The best way out – to protect themselves from such communication. This does not mean that women need full information blockade. On the contrary – it is necessary to know all the risks, but such information is best learned from a consultative dialogue with the doctors. A rumor, "horror stories" and other sources of negativity is totally cut off.

Fear of childbirth – a feeling familiar to virtually every pregnant woman. It is important moral stability of the expectant mother and her partner, who must approve it in the belief that all will be well. An important role for all family members, friends, positive-minded.

Often, there are concerns due to a lack of information. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to meet with a doctor who will take generations, perhaps – to visit the maternity ward. Subsequently, the woman gets into her familiar environment, and will feel relaxed and confident. Visit classes for expectant mothers and stay in the company of other pregnant woman deliver the feeling that she is alone in its current state, and the thought that nobody understands. Conversely, if the expectant mother would deliberately avoid contact, it will only aggravate her condition.

During pregnancy, aside from fears and experiences help walking outdoors (preferably in beautiful places), handicrafts, concerts, exhibitions, listening to soothing music. There are special musical selections for pregnant women that are great affect on the woman and baby.

If pregnancy is allowed physical activity, you can do special exercises – it will help to optimally prepare for childbirth physically and keep the shape. Many pregnant women are nervous of whether they are afraid to miss something important – so you should create a detailed plan and follow it up to the birth.

A woman can be confusing thoughts about what her (the child) that something will happen during birth that the baby may be deviations in development. Get rid of these thoughts will always help timely inspection and routine visits to the doctor. Many problems are solved during pregnancy easy and painless thanks to receiving the right medications, massage, gym, organizing the correct mode of the day on doctor's advice.

The fear of being a bad mother is inherent to many women, even if in reality they are fully prepared for motherhood, and have well-developed maternal instinct. Communication with the psychologist will consistently get rid of negative attitude and realize that such thoughts – no more than a figment of the imagination.

To prevent panic directly in childbirth, a woman enough to pass special courses for expectant mothers, ask all questions to experts and learn how to give birth (strange as it may sound). Experience shows that if a woman knows in advance what is happening at each stage of labor, in the process of birth of the child, she remembers all this knowledge and applies them than help themselves and facilitates the delivery. In this case, significantly reduced the likelihood of tantrums, confusion, and as a consequence – violation of the generic process. It is important to understand that my mother is not just giving birth, but it helps the baby, who is also working on his appearance in the world.

Fear of pain during childbirth – one of the most common. There is no future mother, who would not ask the question whether the pain to give birth. And women tend to worry about the appearance at the time of childbirth – particularly in the presence of the child's father. Pain is individual and depends on the sensitivity threshold, and after the birth is almost impossible to remember and describe them – as nature intended.

In short, if you asked the question: "I'm afraid to give birth, what to do? "- Try to get as much information about the upcoming birth and discard the unfounded fears. Pulmonary delivery to you!