I do not get pregnant a second child – what to do?

 Become pregnant

A woman who has become a mother one day and does not want to stop there, that is for one child does not expect that conceiving a second child can be difficult. For once in her life is already a miracle of conception, pregnancy and childbirth. And if the first pregnancy occurred quickly and without problems, the same mom waits, thinking about the second baby. However, the second pregnancy is not always similar to the first. A few months of fruitless effort and a woman in a hurry to seek advice from her friends, the Internet, physicians with the words "I can not conceive a second child! "

Thus, we consider the first option or do not cause pregnancy: after the first birth took place a small amount of time
.  You are breast-feeding a baby first and already dreaming of a second? Then you have to ask, is it possible to pregnancy while breastfeeding? Indeed, during the breastfeeding woman's body produces the hormone prolactin, which suppresses ovulation
.  In some women, in rare cases, the cycle is reduced and during breastfeeding, that is the beginning of the first menstrual period after giving birth, she can conceive a second baby
.  To be precise – she can get pregnant for about 2 weeks before the first menstruation, because then the first ovulation occurs after birth – the maturation and release of an egg
.  Therefore it is quite possible that if you want to get pregnant, and your kids were with a small difference in age, the second pregnancy can not walk because of active breastfeeding, as well as the cycle has not recovered

The second reason, which will be able to find an answer to the question "Why am I unable to conceive a second child" can be a health problem you or the future pope
.  After giving birth, some time has passed, and the state of your fertility might undergo some changes
.  To save time on surveys, start checking with the man – he should get tested semen analysis, which will be judged on how prolific the future pope
.  For women provided more surveys
.  First of all, you should avoid possible complications during the first childbirth and their consequences
.  Visit a gynecologist, hand over a smear on the microflora of the vagina, on the latent sexual infections, go ultrasound study and determine how regularly you ovulate
.  If there are problems with ovulation, the doctor may recommend a stimulation of ovulation
.  If these studies have not found an answer to the question "Why am I unable to conceive a second child," the doctor may prescribe verification of tubal patency and laparoscopy – "micro" operation that allows you to see your organs of the reproductive system from "inside"
.  Once you know that does not allow you to become a mother for the second time, it will be easier to deal with this problem, because thanks to passed examinations, you now know the "enemy" in the face
.  The possibilities of modern medicine will help you overcome it and give life another chubby little boy

The third reason why you can not get pregnant the second child may be your age. The ideal age in terms of pregnancy is considered to be age from 20 to 29 years. Undoubtedly, with the age of the woman more and more difficult to conceive and bear a baby. Therefore, if your age is close to a problem from the point of view of a possible pregnancy, you should consult your doctor and follow his personal recommendations. After all, in your case every day the roads, do not delay the campaign to the doctor later.

When planning a baby do not forget to follow the general guidelines to get pregnant: have sex in the "desired" days, take vitamins and folic acid, keep the right way of life. And most importantly, do not despair, keep optimistic and belief in a speedy result and brother or sister for your kid will not be long in coming.