Insurance against ticks – How to help yourself

 Tick ​​bites

Beginning in early spring and throughout the summer pores man in the woods great danger. Many people have paid for their own health levity, and some even their lives. The reason for this risk is small and insignificant at first glance – parasite mites. At untimely detected on the body of the tick, it is able to infect a person, in addition to the tick-borne encephalitis, diseases such as tick-borne spotted fever or Lyme disease (Lyme disease). A vaccination against these diseases does not exist.

Of course, the most reliable insurance against tick – is vaccination. However, many urban dwellers ignore be vaccinated against encephalitis. But people forget that they can always invite acquaintances or friends for a picnic, barbecue or just relax in natural surroundings. In such cases, the purchase of an insurance policy from a tick bite becomes the only current defense against this parasite.

If all the same tick bite a person, regardless of whether it is removed from the skin surface or not, you need to seek medical help for emergency prevention of tick-borne encephalitis. The doctor gave him an injection of a special protivokleschevoy immunoglobulin. Moreover, since the bite should not go more than 72 hours. And here, in the absence of the insurance policy, some people may have some difficulty.

The fact that the dose of immunoglobulin is selected depending on the weight of the injured person. At 10 kilos need one dose of the drug, which costs about 700 rubles. It is easy to calculate that a person weighing 80 kilograms would have to pay 5,600 rubles. Of course, for most people this cost will be sky-high, which confirms the value of acquired insurance in a timely manner.

There are many insurance companies offering to purchase insurance in the event of a bite Tick-borne Encephalitis. Basically, this service is offered as part of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI). Such insurance guarantees timely patient visiting a doctor, qualified removal of the parasite from the skin surface and free introduction of such expensive for the average person protivokleschevoy immunoglobulin. Also in the case of contracting the insurance company pays the subsequent treatment, of course, within the agreed sum insured.

For your own safety and protection of loved ones is not necessary to resort to the first got the insurance company. At the conclusion of the contract of insurance must first pay attention to the cost of the policy and the insurance amount. For example, the insurance company Ingosstrakh their insurance estimates at 350 rubles at the insurance sum of 300 thousand rubles. A Rosgosstrakh offers to buy the policy costing 300 rubles, guaranteeing the insured amount of 100 thousand rubles.

It is necessary to take into account the "geography" of the proposed insurance, that is, what territory it covers. The policy can act as throughout Russia, and some particular federal district or region. The insurance policy must include a list of medical institutions, where you can get timely help. Also, the amount of insurance coverage must include the number of parasite bites and a list of other diseases, in addition to encephalitis, which can cause a tick bite.

It is undesirable to acquire a policy program for the protection of the accident. With this insurance, you may have to pay for their own services rendered after being bitten by a tick encephalitis. If, nevertheless, such a policy is purchased, in order to obtain compensation will need to keep all cash receipts and certificates with the seals of relevant medical institutions.

Of course, the insurance must be purchased by the tick in a timely manner, or trouble can be caught off guard. The victims of ticks are most often thoughtless people who think that infestation of tick-borne encephalitis never touch. This is a big misconception, take care!