Intimate Life and Sex after childbirth


Pregnancy and childbirth are a very heavy load on the female body, both physical and psychological. Thus a woman reacts to a lot of different changes that occur in her body, in her mind and in her life. Of course, all this affects the intimacy of a woman with her husband, and for many young mothers after childbirth sex becomes an insurmountable problem. What is the reason for such fear and reluctance of women to resume sexual relations with a man after the birth of your baby? There are several important factors that lead to this phenomenon.

First, the psychological reason for the lack of desire and craving for the resumption of sexual relations had just given birth to a female self-doubt and dissatisfaction with their appearance. It is known that during pregnancy women are significantly gain weight, skin stretch marks appear, changing the shape of the breast, as well as changes are subject to the internal reproductive organs of women. So after giving birth, many women believe that they have lost their appeal to their men, and very often a psychological fear before resuming sexual life is difficult to overcome, or appease.

Sex after childbirth can be a problem for many young mothers and also for the reason that women who have given birth recently went through a very difficult period of pain during childbirth. This also applies to women who gave birth to babies with cesarean section. Often, sex after a cesarean is associated with many unpleasant and even painful sensations, which do not allow women to enjoy intimacy with a man. For this reason, experts recommend that women after cesarean section to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 2-4 weeks.

In addition, it is possible to name one more reason why the postpartum women are afraid of sex. Obviously, sex after childbirth in cases where a woman's body is not yet strong enough and recovered from the ordeal, it may be associated with an increased risk of various complications and side effects. It could be physical damage to blood vessels and possible bleeding, and lacerations, and in addition, postpartum reproductive organs of the female body is very easy to be subjected to various kinds of infections and infestations.

These are the most common reasons that explain why many women return to normal sexual life is fairly painful and time consuming. However, this does not mean that women tend to be the complete abandonment of sex after childbirth. Undoubtedly, the time comes and the woman begins to feel ready for intimacy with her beloved man. And to be in full confidence that no problems or complications, you can undergo a consultation with your physician, who will evaluate the health and readiness of women to the resumption of sex life.