Is it harmful to nail

 Artificial nails

Currently manicure note that the most popular cosmetic procedure is a nail. Women are sometimes concerned about will not affect whether the artificial nails to the natural negative. So often wonder: Is not harmful nail?

This cosmetic procedure has both positive and negative sides. The undoubted benefits of increasing the nail plate is the possibility for a while completely forget the manicure, which is an important positive factor. Nails after the building will look just perfect.

The procedure itself is conducted or build on the forms or on tips. When using the new forms (artificial) nail is formed on the own nails. For the procedure used materials such as acrylic resin, a special gel. In turn, the tips – a plastic templates of the nail plate. They adhere to the natural, pre-treated nails.

Typically, during this process typically does not take into account that the nails requires the availability of oxygen. When covered with plastic nail ceases to "breathe." This property is the negative side of the extension procedure. So much depends on the immunity of the owner of the nail and manicure qualification.

Sometimes poorly done or in the process of correcting gluing artificial nails permeates the air. This can result in the development of anaerobic bacteria that can survive without oxygen supply. Spots appear gradually changes color from yellow to brown. This is often a woman experiences pain. This fungus, which can occur after any method of nails. We have to go to the doctor-dermatologist.

It is generally known that the human nail by definition have a protective function. Therefore, you should keep in mind that constantly increases the nail gradually begins to thin, it becomes fragile and brittle. To nail structure restored, it requires a complete renewal of the nail plate.

When adjusting the nail is usually performed his sawing near the cuticle, and sawed regrown part of the nail plate. This may further lead to irregularities. Unqualified manicurist can damage the root of the nail, which is why it is slowing the natural growth. As a result, the nail is damaged.

Equally important are allergic to paint or use some of the components of materials for nail. For example, if there is an allergy to acrylic, it takes quite a long time, sometimes for years. Developing paronychia – a strong itching sensation in the nail, dry nail plate thickening it. Treatment takes several months.

Certainly one of the key factors when considering whether the bad nail is a qualified manicurist. When you first visit an experienced master always asks the question of a possible allergic reaction to the materials used, inspect nails to determine the presence of fungus or other diseases of the nail plate.

Before starting the procedure nail technician should handle the client's special hand disinfectant to prevent disease-causing bacteria. An experienced master will not be unduly file away the nail plate. He's just a little bit special nail file removes shine polish.

Most importantly, what to pay attention – is the purity of the instruments used. Nail files are used only new ones. To avoid chemical reactions can not allow the mixing of materials for building, they must be a cosmetics company. The cuticle is not "filled" acrylic gel and other materials. Correction of artificial nails is held once in two weeks, while the manicurist nails should return to normal.

It should be noted that high-quality work by the master nail – quite expensive, but the savings in this inappropriate. It should be remembered saying the French connoisseurs of female beauty, "well-groomed woman's hand – her business card."