Lightening hair – tips and expert advice

 Lighten Hair

Become a blonde today is not difficult – but in this case requires experience and skill. The stronger the means, the greater the effect – but the greater the risk of burn the hair and scalp hurt, so it is best to entrust the painting specialist.

It is necessary to distinguish between lighting and blondirovanie – in the first case, the hair is a few shades lighter in the second achieved strong effect until the discoloration. If your hair is decolorized, then later they need to be toned to give the desired shade. For in the end affect the desired color is applied whether the drug to the hair a natural color or they have been painted before. The consistency of preparation for dyeing, if the hair is not covered for the additional effect should be more fluid: air mass can quickly thicken. If staining is performed using a foil, a drug made thicker. Use of a fatty cream (preferably petrolatum) will protect the skin on the border of hair growth, particularly on the forehead.

The hair on the entire length of discolored more slowly than the roots. If staining do first, it must be taken into account when applying a special composition, and the roots are painted in the last turn. Lighten regrowth need to be careful not to damage the hair at the site of the previous staining. For clarification regrown hair can be used white henna with hydrogen peroxide. If prior to the application was made perm, with its torque must be at least 7 days.

During staining should not be burning, and the hair does not have to break down – these signs indicate that the drug is too concentrated and causes burns. Colouring time varies from 3 minutes or more, depending on what the characteristics of the drug and effects can be achieved.

After clarification of the water for washing the hair should not be too hot. It is advisable to use a special balm strengthens colored hair. Clarification may continue for some time after the dye is washed away from the hair, due to the deep penetration into them – especially if your hair is very porous. Therefore, if a sufficient effect can be hair rinse with acidified water (with lemon juice, citric acid) – it will stop the reaction.

Sometimes used Blondirujushchy remover of blondorana, oxidizer, shampoo and water – it is applied to dry hair, leave for a certain time and are rinsed, washed with shampoo and use a balm. This technique helps to correct the color of dyed hair and dyed to hide the bad sectors. Lighten your hair for the first time, you can use a mixture of liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia – in hairdressing salons is often used this tool, if the client's fundamental fear of clarification.

If the plan is not a radical change of color, you can try to use folk remedies – they give a partial effect (brightening up to 4 colors) and do not damage the hair and skin. Lemon juice, diluted with water, a little help lighten your hair (shade closer to platinum) and helps to ensure that they are stronger than burnt out in the sun – so this tool is often used in the summer. But if it is too strong concentration and frequent use can dry up your hair. Camomile broth rinse hair after washing, eventually achieving a golden hue, brilliance and healthy look. Masks from acacia honey lighten your hair for a couple of colors (yellowish tint), and thus make it smooth.

Recently, a very popular way to lighten hair. Take a glass of hair conditioner, 1/3 cup honey (natural, liquid) and 3 tablespoons of cinnamon (ground). Stir everything in a pot made of ceramic or glass, plastic, ceramic or wooden spoon. The washed and lightly dried hair coated with a mixture (each strand separately), from the roots to the ends of the hair. The mixture is rubbed into the skin, in contact with the face wash with warm water. Covered with a plastic bag for 30 minutes, after which the package is removed and the mixture is left still for 3 hours on the hair. Wash off with warm water, better – chamomile infusion. Dried hair and well-combed to remove grains cinnamon. In addition to lightening the tone for 2, this procedure improves the quality of hair and gives them "tasty" odor.

When lightening hair is important not to deviate from the guidelines to the effect of the most up to expectations. Let your hair will be a true adornment!