Oxolinic ointment during pregnancy


Many pregnant women are prone to colds. The body of the future mother, despite all efforts, easily susceptible to various infectious diseases. Women should try all possible ways to protect themselves and their unborn child from any diseases, including infectious. Microbes and harmful viruses may greatly harm the health of mother and baby. We learn about the use of oxolinic ointment during pregnancy.

When pregnancy is to get rid of various ailments helps oxolinic ointment. The infectious period, many are stocking this effective remedy for colds. Oxoline – synthetic substance effective against a variety of viruses. Manufactured products are preventive and curative. Other names oxolinic ointment – Tetraksolin, Oksonaftilin, sometimes oxoline. Ointment effect on viruses, then they are much less active.

Operating principle

After inhalation of contaminated air microbes get into the nasal cavity, where they meet with oxoline then their effect on the body is weakened. This principle of action is very effective. Especially positive effect oxolinic ointment in the first trimester of pregnancy, during which there is a formation of all organs and systems of the future child. During this period, it is contraindicated the use of traditional medicines and antiviral drugs, as their intake can seriously affect the development of the unborn child.

Pregnant women often go to public places, have to protect themselves and the child using oxolinic ointment. If it is brought to the people is rare, to apply this ointment should be only in those cases where it is desperately needed.


The main indications for use during pregnancy oxolinic ointment – treatment of herpes simplex, rhinitis, viral diseases of the eye and skin, dermatitis, warts, lichen, flu and colds. Ointment produced with different percentages of oxoline – 0, 25% 0, 5%, 1%, 3%. The choice depends on the intensity with which work is necessary for a particular virus in a particular case.

Mode of application

In normal perception of ointment needed throughout the period of outbreak lubricate it sinuses twice a day, morning and evening. Shelf life – two years at a temperature of + 10ÂșC, overdue apply ointment does not make sense.


Contraindications to the use of oxolinic ointment during pregnancy does not (except for individual intolerance), you only need to know when to stop.

Application of ointments may initially cause a burning sensation in the nasal cavity. This is – a natural reaction to the impact of the components of the therapeutic agent. The sensitivity of some pregnant women to oxolinic ointment is so high that they simply can not tolerate the unpleasant burning sensation in the nose. Sometimes the effects of the ointment causes severe watery.

Often intolerance ointment celebrated exclusively during pregnancy, which also must be considered. Ointment should be used during pregnancy with caution and only after consulting your doctor. Stay healthy, take care of yourself and your baby!