Pads for nursing mothers – necessary means of hygiene

 Pads for nursing mothers

In every period of life a woman tends to look fresh, attractive and well-groomed. Particularly acute is the desire during pregnancy and breast-feeding a baby. Knowing how important it is to receive as a neonatal nutrition is breast milk, a young mom agrees to any inconvenience. Fortunately today, in order to make the process as comfortable nursing, medicine proposes to use such special personal hygiene as the pads for nursing mothers. What is so good these tools and how to help women to avoid the discomfort and we will understand.

Pads are designed to absorb breast milk, which can occur as the baby during feeding and between feedings. They are a special soft inserts are inserted into the bra, allowing you to keep it dry and does not stain clothing. These pads have a special hypoallergenic layer absorbent delicate droplets of breast milk without causing irritation to the skin and keeping clean underwear. These hygiene sufficiently compact and soft, allowing them to remain absolutely invisible under clothes and eliminates the inconvenience of use. The advantages of such inserts should include the fact that they do not allow the sore nipples and cracks on them, eliminating the fair sex from the discomfort and pain during feeding.

Chest pads may be either disposable or tissue. Braided easily erased, and therefore, they can be used again and again.

Disposable pads have a complex structure consisting of four layers. The outer layer here is impenetrable, protecting the woman's clothes from getting wet. The middle layer has a high absorption capacity, that is perfectly absorbs moisture, allowing the side in contact with the skin, constantly remain dry and even facilitate air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory processes. In addition, data pads have not slippery inner layer and an indentation for the nipple, which provides additional comfort. The special non-slip adhesive tape, fastened to the outer side, securely hold the insert in place. Sold disposable breast pads individually packaged in sterile, allowing fearlessly use them even in the hospital, as well as during travels and journeys.

Considering reusable pads for nursing mothers should be noted that all of them have anatomical shape ensures optimum insertion into the cup bra. Because these products are made from natural cotton with the finest breathable coating, they are ideally absorb milk leaks between feedings and keep the breast dry. For regular washes, they can be reused.

Apart from the above, there are also ultra-thin gel lining. Their thickness is only 1, 5 mm, but they are perfectly collect all the moisture, making sure that the skin remains dry and wear – clean. Soft non-woven material is fully absorb moisture, not allowing it to come out, but it provides the necessary oxygen supply and prevent irritation of the epidermis. This gasket is also reusable, because consists of a special gel, and not due to a slippery surface it does not move out, and always stays in place.

Pads for nursing mothers made of silicone and are recommended for use to reduce pain in inflamed or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. They are made of the finest silicone odorless and tasteless, and besides, easily cleaned and disinfected.

Chest pads can be easily purchased at any store for pregnant women, or at the pharmacy, their range is quite wide. The main thing is to properly care for the seals when they are reusable, to inadvertently bring an infection. Also, do not forget to change these pads after each feeding, regardless of their type. Remember to protect your health while breast-feeding, new mother especially protects his baby!