Poslerodovoya Depression – Symptoms and Treatment

 baby on her mother's arms

Finally happened, the goal is achieved! The long-awaited baby pinned to your chest. It would seem, here it is happiness, but not here – it was … The feeling of devastation comprehensive anxiety, depression, hopelessness and irritability, a feeling of indifference to her child – all signs of postpartum depression. Plus, a young mother visits the feelings of guilt and worthlessness, as a result, a woman feels bad mother. In addition, depression may be accompanied by insomnia, poor appetite.

Most moms are afraid of the unexplained, from their point of view, the state. Here we have a paradox. Namely: the expectation of the baby, of course, took place in the light of positive emotions. The child was born, like all great, but the emotional state of the woman is poor. "How so? The child was born, a new life, and I was sad, not joyful? "

Why, along with a feeling of joy depression?

With this issue now try to understand. The reasons may be many, both biological and psychological. If we talk about the biological, it is certainly the hormonal changes in a woman's body: in pregnancy and childbirth in the expectant mother produced a large number of hormones, which in the postpartum period is greatly reduced. Now they are beginning to act other hormones needed to produce breast milk and recuperation of the body after birth. Thus, as a result of hormonal imbalance woman experiencing irritability and depression.

Consider the causes of a psychological nature. This, for example, unavailability of women to changes in life that motherhood brings. It may be a genetic predisposition of women to emotional disorders. The reason can serve as a serious family relationships and so on.

Thus, post-natal depression – is an ordeal for the woman. Depression has a negative impact on the emotional state of a young mother. From postpartum depression affects a young mother and friends, her entourage. Mainly affected child who is very sensitive to my mother's mood.

An important question – How to deal with postpartum depression?

Firstly, for the young mother during this difficult period of life requires the participation, understanding, support and acceptance of loved ones. Psychologists advise a woman attentive to his mood and health, try to analyze your state of mind. You should not succumb to the disease, you must strive to break out of this, as it sometimes seems a vicious circle. We must try to deceive the depression, do all that it does not consume you completely, otherwise suppress it will be much harder.

Be sure to seek as much as possible to experience positive emotions. Set aside time to relax, even if household chores are still many. Walk with a stroller, when possible, in the woods or the park – nature heals. Chat with your friends, at least on the phone. Keep in touch with other people, in any case, do not turn in on themselves! Be sure to enjoy a physical activity, they prevent and even treat depression. Excellent help auditory training, meditation, relaxation exercises.

Important to remember: postpartum depression – it's like a whirlpool, the deeper the plunge, the more addictive. All the difficulties that arise for you, it's nothing compared with what you have found. Fill the meaning of your life. Be aware – you became a mother!