Questions From Readers – The life and health of women after 45 years

 Women after 45 years

In answering this question, I want to start with the aphorism Coco Chanel: "In twenty years, the face of a woman of God, in the thirty – what she managed to create herself, and in the fifty – the person must be earned." On the "middle-aged" wrote novels, wrote poetry, the art of this age is never left without attention. Women from the age of wisdom, remember how in the days of their youth in the parks of culture staged dances to the accordion "for those over thirty" – women of this age is particularly beautiful.

After age 45 in women – a period of menopause, and representatives of the "stronger sex" (as doctors call female) there are mood swings, irritability, depression may occur, and … weight gain. Women can pursue the idea of ​​a failed life, career, broken fate. In fact, the fate has nothing to do with it! The fact that ovarian hormones are a kind of doping for the central nervous system of the woman, after 45 years of decreasing their synthesis in the body. The lack of estrogen negatively affects the nervous system. (For reference – 10% of men over 50 suffer from menopause).

There may be a misconception that the processes taking place in the period of menopause, concern only of reproduction. Unfortunately, it is not so! At this time, the body stops producing the female sex hormones and it affects many organs and systems. Change the state of the skin, the metabolic processes of the nervous system. Age-related hormonal changes contribute to the emergence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, thyroid dysfunction, decreased immune status and thus increases the risk of cancer.

During this period, the ovaries produce little estrogen, which is responsible for the strength of bone, promotes the formation of new bone tissue, delaying therein calcium and phosphorus, so women are frequent cracks and fractures, and osteoporosis is developed. It is therefore very important to pass the "X-ray analysis of bone density" in order to know the level of daily physical activity, necessary to maintain health. Physical activity in this age is necessary, but should not be included in them without looking back. To do this, and X-ray analysis is needed to find the optimal load for themselves. Even daily walking tour (you can walk to work) for 40-60 minutes, which is recommended to perform, regardless of the weather, can become excessive load. It is necessary to load the body gradually. You can start going to the gym, if you've not engaged in sports or exercise.

Due to the decrease in estrogen levels, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, so you need to check your blood cholesterol level, and then to prevent atherosclerosis, to balance their diet. According to the system of proper nutrition is advisable to consult with a professional nutritionist. This does not mean that you have to limit yourself and go on a diet. A nutritionist will tell what your body needs, to prolong youth and health.

Keep an active lifestyle, try to spend less time near the TV, are greater outdoors. Well recovers force and communing with nature spirits, especially near water finding, occupation favorite thing, meeting interesting people for you. Perhaps you've always wanted to sing in a choir, play guitar, paint pictures – go for it! Remember, you need exercise, proper nutrition and variety, not giving bored. After all, by this time the children (who they are) have grown, beginning to live an independent life, and women need to find new meanings of existence. Physical, emotional, cognitive activity prolongs youth, improves health, allows to accept and love yourself.

No wonder they say, forewarned is forearmed. Be healthy.