Rocking Horse for Children


One of the most attractive gifts baby – rocking horse for children, which can be presented as a very tiny baby as a "dowry", and in the first birthday of the crumbs for a year.

Depending on the age of the child, a horse can be a tough and particularly robust (eg, wood). Especially popular in recent plush rocking chairs – buy them for children from 8 months. These horses are soft and perfectly safe range of motion in them is small, and there is no risk for the baby to fall too much swinging. In addition, these horses are upholstered in high-quality plush, which is hypoallergenic. The strength of such a toy is quite high, besides the seat is designed in small "riders" – and therefore most convenient.

Some parents tend to believe that it is better to buy wooden horses, as plush attract and accumulate dust. In any case, a toy must be cleaned of dust, which is often a strong allergen.

Sometimes these toys are made of rubber – but they have a significant drawback. This is a sharp unpleasant smell, it is also very durable. Plastic horses, as practice shows, often crack when dropped.

Rocking in the form of horses can be used at home or in the street. It is interesting that such functional toys promote the development of children in all senses. They improve the physical form of the kids, strengthens muscles, helps keep the posture, learn to keep his balance, and at the same time, introduce children to new sounds. Many of these horses rocking has an attractive feature: they reproduce the sounds of clatter of hooves and neighing or provide musical accompaniment (for the built-in audio device required batteries).

Some horses can move his tail and moving his mouth. When choosing a toy, it is important to also take into account certain parameters such as the length, the height from the floor to the seat, the seat width and the width of runners. After all, a child can significantly ahead of peers in height and weight, or, on the contrary, be tiny. To ensure maximum safety for the crumbs, it is better to choose a horse with wide legs – it does not turn over, even if the kid is hyperactive. Some shakers have limiters allow you to control the amplitude of the movement. There are toys fitted with wheels to move around the room.

When buying a toy, it is important that it be packaged in polyethylene. It is also desirable that the arc toy was made of wood. As a small child, you need special pen, so he could stay during skiing. There is a safe option for the little ones as a horse-tolkalka – it is set on the basis of carriage, that is, the mother can roll her baby without fear that it will swing and fall.

If the most attractive option is still rocking horse for children – should be provided all the nuances that such acquisition was quality and safe. And let Kid sincerely appreciate his new game!