Selenium Forte with vitamin E


It has long been no surprise that many diseases that used to hurt only the elderly, today observed among the younger generation of working and even children. The causes of these adverse changes in health status are well known – a low standard of living of the general population, poor environmental conditions, stress, aging, improper medical care.

Quite often, people do not get completely required for a harmonious health vitamins and other nutrients due to a lack of a balanced daily diet. In this case, to the aid of nutraceuticals, which enrich the diet necessary ingredients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fiber, fatty acids.

The Russian pharmaceutical company "Evalar" is the largest manufacturer of dietary supplements that promote healing and rejuvenation. Modern unique technologies used in "Evalar" can satisfy the human need for many useful substances of plant, animal and mineral origin.

One of the most important trace elements for the health is selenium. Lack of selenium is particularly brightly reflected on health. Taking also into account the adverse environmental conditions of life offered by "Evalar" "Selenium with Vitamin E Forte" – an effective combination, can significantly improve the health.

The human body must receive daily with food 50 – 70 micrograms of selenium. This trace mineral – natural antioxidant necessary for normal functioning of the immune system. Selenium favorably affects the function of the cardiovascular system, is actively involved in metabolism. Selenium is especially necessary for people whose bodies are weakened by constant smoking, prolonged stress, depression.

Dietary supplement Selenium Forte with the addition of vitamin E from "Evalar" combines unique nutrients, it is necessary for the person. One pill – daily intake of selenium and vitamin E – the fountain of youth, beauty and health. Presented organic form of selenium – is Celexa. It is easy to digest, is completely safe for the body.

Antioxidant protection that provides a "fort Selenium with vitamin E" is opposed to the negative effects of free radicals, due to which damage healthy cells and age-related changes occur in the body. Vitamin E helps the body to absorb selenium. This combined effect of selenium allow to reveal its unique antioxidant potential to the full.

The human immune system is not able to fully function without selenium. This microcell is included in most immune enzymes, proteins, antibodies increases the activity of interferon, macrophages, T-lymphocytes. Selenium deficiency makes the human body vulnerable to any ailments ranging from common cold, ending cancer.

Selenium combined with vitamin E is essential for people living in a low-radiation environment. Selenium protects the body effectively from external ionizing radiation, so doctors prescribe intake of trace element during radiation therapy. Also repeatedly noted that the lack of selenium contributes to the development of cardiomyopathy, which is characterized by enlargement of the heart arrhythmia, degeneration of the heart muscles. Selenium has a beneficial effect on the functioning of vital organs such as the liver and pancreas. In addition, for the extension and maintenance of sexual activity is extremely necessary selenium male body.

However, with all the unique properties of selenium should be noted existing contraindications its use. It does not take selenium at individual intolerance, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Despite the fact that this dietary supplement is not a drug that requires prior consultation of the doctor. I wish you health!