The benefits of a single mother in 2013

 Single mother

Since single mothers are often left without the support of a strong man's shoulder, the state takes care of them, providing a variety of benefits and allowances. It is important to be aware in this matter, to take maximum advantage of available benefits.

A single mother – is not only a single mother, but also a legal status that a woman can get under the following conditions:

  • a child born out of wedlock;
  • on the birth certificate of the child's father in the column is blank;
  • on the birth certificate of the child's father in the graph is a man, but his paternity challenge the decision of the court;
  • there is no application of both parents to adopt the child;
  • woman, unmarried, and to adopt a child.

Benefits for single mothers in 2013

Since 2013, the amendments in the payment of benefits: previously they were tied to the size of a living wage and benefits under the new legislation will focus on the average wage, and it will be increased by half.

  • Benefit for pregnant women, unregistered in early pregnancy will be 490.79 rubles;
  • Benefit for the birth of the child will be 13087, 61 rubles;
  • a monthly allowance to care for a child up to the first one, 5 years may not be less than 2453, 93 rubles, care allowance for the second and subsequent children – less than 4907, 85 rubles;
  • The amount of maternity capital in 2013 will amount to 408 960, 61 rubles;

Also from January 1, 2013 there are changes in special benefits for single mothers. This applies to special allowances – 75% of the subsistence level before the child turns 1, 5 years, and 40% – up to 3 years of performance. Also, children's allowances will still be revised several times over the years.

Employment benefits for single mothers in 2013

According to the labor law to single mothers enjoy the following benefits:

  • benefits in case of illness of the child and mother care for him. The allowance can be paid in full for the first 10 days of the calendar, and in 50% of the mother's salary, ranging from 11 days;
  • Single mothers are not covered by the dismissal if the company carries out layoffs. So they can not be fired for failing a post;
  • in the case of liquidation, single mothers, pregnant women and mothers with children up to 3 years old should be employed, responsible for the continued employment rests with the current employer;
  • single mothers rely additional annual leave without pay, at any time of year, not less than 14 days. This leave may be used in parts or be attached to the annual paid leave.

Benefits for single mothers in 2013

So, what are relying benefits to single mothers in 2013? Moms single and their children can obtain significant benefits to pay for education, treatment, and other items of expenditure.

  • a single mother with a newborn child have the opportunity to receive sets of bed baby clothes;
  • children under 2 years are entitled to free milk food, medical institutions issued by prescription;
  • children under 3 years old are entitled to free medicines;
  • school-age children have the right to free two meals at school;
  • Children receive discounts on tuition artistic, musical and sports schools;
  • in educational institutions the children of single mothers are taken out of turn;
  • if there is a price rise for products for children under 3 years old, a single mother may receive compensation rise in price of products.

The government is taking steps toward young families and single mothers, therefore, to take advantage of the benefits laid, it is important to know your rights.