The child has a poor appetite

 Poor appetite

Timely catering to a young child it is essential – and the mother immediately distinguish demanding cries of hunger. Usually, if a child has poor appetite in the first months of life, it says some irregularities in the body or disease.

Eating disorders at any age can be triggered by diseases of the nervous system, liver, stomach, kidneys, and the presence of parasites in the body. This phenomenon can often take place at the end of the first year of life, and then, as they grow older. In some cases, the child may have bad for psychological reasons. If the cause of the deterioration of appetite was the disease should consult a doctor as to what should be a portion of the child. In some cases (for example, tuberculosis, malnutrition) children really need to eat a lot. At the same time, with acute respiratory infections, on the other hand, great importance is the amount of fluid you drink, but a child may not want to.

Once the child begins to eat with a spoon, parents need to be patient. Report this tactic – to try as quickly as possible to feed him. The kid should have a good chew food. Besides, in a quiet environment, when he was not in a hurry, he quickly learned all of the skills necessary for self catering. If the mother gives him a rush spoon for spoon, the child may resist such pressure and refuse to eat.

The reasons for the deterioration of appetite can be due to improper metabolism. A metabolic disorder that occurs in the body of the child, may be a consequence of overfeeding it in early childhood. As a result, parents always given to the child with a food surplus, start to observe a decrease in appetite – and the child simply eat as much as he needs. Toddler fed rapidly and tightly to entertain during the meal, and when he grew up, such tricks have lost their effectiveness.

Another parental mistake – to arrange snacks between feedings. In this case, the main meal comes at a time when the child is not hungry and he just could not eat the whole serving. And parents begin to panic, seeing the situation as a signal of poor appetite.

Healthy children eat well after walking outdoors. An excellent tactic for parents – to organize the walk just before meals. It should be borne in mind that almost every child will eat less if offered monotonous diet, or if the weather is hot.

If a child tries to manipulate her parents by refusing to eat in order to achieve some of their goals, such behavior must be very quiet, but strictly, firmly and clearly to stop the first try. Especially children are inclined in such a way to put pressure on the female half of the family – mothers and grandmothers who are most concerned about is that children have always been satisfied. We'll have to show strength of character that the child does not even arise such thoughts.

Parents who believe that the child has a poor appetite, should consult with a specialist to avoid possible disease – and spend more time organizing the active mode of the day of the child. And it certainly will give you good health and good appetite!