The most effective treatment for nasal congestion

 running nose

Since nasal congestion periodically faces every man. Shortness of breath, irritation of the nasal mucosa and the appearance of a cold can deliver such a discomfort that a person is forced to seek the most effective means to relieve their condition. Fortunately today in every pharmacy, you can find a variety of resources from nasal congestion. On the Diversity of drugs, their advantages and disadvantages, and today we'll talk.

I must say that there is a category of people that when nasal congestion is simply not able to breathe through the mouth, and therefore begin to suffocate. They need emergency aid that can be provided, for example drops, which are the most popular means to facilitate breathing through the nose. Nazivin, akvamaris, Pinosol and many other popular drugs are a huge plus, as are able to give immediate effect clearing the nose. In addition, these tools are available in small bottles that can easily be placed even in a handbag, and therefore there will always be at hand.

Any of these tools and their shortcomings. Regular use of drops is able to develop a habit, because of which from the time of their effect on the body is minimized and patient needs all the high dose of the drops. As a result, frequently ill people will have to look for more suitable alternatives. Among other things, a drop of nasal congestion often have the opposite result of initially clearing the nose, and then laying it even stronger. And grow out of them is not so easy. Finally, it should be noted that the cost of such droplets is quite high.

Consider some alternative means. Older people remember the most popular balm "asterisk", which is regularly applied to the surface of the nose at its founding. The composition with healing essential oils are able to quickly restore breathing through the nose. Moreover, this drug is not addictive and is completely harmless to the body, even with a sharp odor.

It helps to quickly clear the nose and iodized sea water. For this procedure, enough to dissolve in water, one drop of iodine tincture and an amount of salt in which a solution will taste like brine. Drip 3-5 drops of medicine into each nostril, wait until it will work for a long time and release the accumulated mucus from the nose. In addition, the presence of iodine in a vehicle can kill disease-causing microbes.

Also noteworthy is a folk remedy as the juice of the plant Kalanchoe. To make of it an effective medicine, it is necessary to crush a plant leaf and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, drip it into each of the nasal passages. Here it should be noted a peculiarity, because getting to the nasal mucosa causing sneezing Kalanchoe juice, which is able to completely clear the sinuses. The advantage of this method is its low cost, the main thing to think about treatment in advance and put the flower in his window.

As you can see, products that help to cope effectively with nasal congestion pretty much. However, doctors do not recommend the use of pharmacological agents for more than 5 days, since the further they start to work in the opposite direction, that is causing more harm than good. Under the influence drops nasal mucosa dries out, which can cause atrophy of capillaries and nerve endings. That is why it is worth paying attention to folk remedies.

From folk remedies for nasal congestion is the most effective way to treat the next. You need to prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs, which are taken in equal proportions of flowers St. John's wort, chamomile drug and lime color. Bay of glass boiling water, the mixture is necessary to let it stand for half an hour. Then you need only obmoknut infusion in two swabs, twisted from medical bandages and gently introduce them into the nasal passages. This tool will bring relief after only 20 minutes. Take care of your body, trust only proven and safe money!