Up to what age can give birth – Possible Risks

 Age Clans

In today's world, many women are busy with their development, education and career building, and so the question of having children is postponed to a later time. For women who could not or did not want to become pregnant at a young age, it becomes relevant the question "Up to what age can give birth."

In the Soviet past 24 years of a young woman called "starorodyaschaya" frightened and possible complications. Nowadays, there are cases when 66 year-old woman became a mother for the first time. We learn to what age can give birth and when to do it more rational from the point of view of health and risks.

Young girls who become mothers before age 20, often themselves still children and are not ready for such responsibility. What can they give the child – is the question. In Europe and the United States women think about the children, ranging from 30 years old when behind has built a career and financial opportunities. Expectant mother at this age more mature as a person, most likely formed in matters of baby care and education. However, doctors warn that postponing childbirth "for later", a woman must understand all the risks to which it goes. From the point of view of the doctors, the optimal age for childbearing from 21 to 27 years.

Pregnancy after 30 years

Too many women deliberately choose this age to become a mother. The woman feels mentally and financially prepared for the upcoming changes associated with childbirth. But our health is already 30 years old is not the same as in 20. Fabrics are not as flexible, as they directly affect the course of natural childbirth. Also the age of 30 a woman can be more chronic or postponed gynecological infections.

Pregnancy after 35 years

In gynecology age the risk is considered to be pregnant by the age of 35 years, it has required additional inspections and controls. Firstly, if you started to plan the first-born after 35 years, there may be difficulty conceiving. To the miracle happened, a woman of this age may take 6 to 12 months of active efforts. Secondly, before planning both partners should examine their health. The expectant mother must be strong and healthy, because the basic elements for the development of the baby takes the mother's body. Women older than 35 are often faced with problems during pregnancy: high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases can worsen the state of health of the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy after 40 years

It is proved that the risk of having a child with Down syndrome have 40detney woman is 9 times higher than 30letney. 40% of women over 40 have problems with child-bearing child. Of course, risks can not exclude the possibility of the birth of a child is absolutely healthy mom for 40. But remember that with your age and the egg, and easier to carry the pregnancy at a younger age, when you are healthy and energetic.

Childbirth boshaya joy, but also a great responsibility. It is necessary to think through everything thoroughly before you become pregnant, and of course, to what age the woman decides to give birth, guided by the health, sotsianym, family and financial situation.