Urdoksa – Instructions for use


Hepatoprotective drug Urdoksa widely used in medicine for the treatment of liver diseases and biliary tract, protecting them from exogenous and endogenous factors. This tool shows immunomodulating, hypocholesterolemic and choleretic properties, and besides helps dissolve gallstones and lowers blood sugar. Preview of the drug Urdoksa instructions for use will help in this article.

Produced described preparation in the form of capsules with a white powder. The active drug substance acts ursodeoxycholic acid, which in one capsule contained 250 mg. Additional substances in the formulation are: silica, corn starch, magnesium stearate, and acetic acid.

Considering the pharmacological effect means I must say that getting into the ursodeoxycholic acid is incorporated into the cells of the liver, thereby stabilizing the structure and protecting hepatocytes from the destruction of bile salts. Moreover, under the influence of the active substance is enhanced secretion of the pancreas, thereby reducing the risk of cameos in the gallbladder and splitting the available fat in the body. This tool reduces the generation of toxic acids: chenodeoxycholic, lithocholic and deoxycholic and effectively displays the already accumulated in the body acid.

The indications for use of the drug Urdoksa are: the presence in the gallbladder cholesterol gallstones, primary biliary cirrhosis (autoimmune destruction of the liver or bile ducts), and biliary reflux gastritis (acid reflux of duodenal contents into the stomach). Use in patients with chronic active hepatitis with cholestatic syndrome and in acute hepatitis, congenital biliary atresia and cystic fibrosis of the liver. In order to prevent Urdoksa appointed to normalize liver function in patients receiving treatment with cytostatics or people with alcoholic liver disease. As an auxiliary drug treatment is administered to patients after liver transplantation.

The dosage and duration of use of the hepatoprotective drug has the right to appoint a doctor. Often the daily dose biliary reflux gastritis is 250 mg per day. Take the daily dose needed once before bedtime. Duration of treatment is determined depending on the available symptoms. To dissolve gallstones daily take one or two capsules (250 or 500 mg, respectively). The duration of treatment in this case lasts from three months to a year. Supportive therapy involves taking medication 1 capsule per day.

It should be remembered that the drug Urdoksa, getting into the body, can cause side effects such as nausea or vomiting, pain in the back or epigastalnoy area, diarrhea, itching or rash, alopecia and exacerbation of psoriasis.

Describing drug Urdoksa, instructions for use and takes into account a number of contraindications to its acceptance, namely children under 12 years of age with inflammatory bowel disease, acute inflammation of the gall bladder, kidney or liver dysfunction, and the presence of gallstones with calcium. Do not use this tool during pregnancy and during breast-feeding, as well as the presence of intolerance to drugs included in the drug. Take care of your health!