Why crunch joints in women


A typical crisp sound when moving the joints is familiar to many women. This is a clear sign of disturbances – healthy joints crunch will not. Ignore such manifestations can not be, otherwise you may experience pain and other problems, threatening serious consequences.

  Much depends on whether, in the hands or feet crunched joints. Because the load on them is different – and the situation may be complicated if we are talking about the joints of the feet.

The cause of these disorders may be a violation of the joint in the device – for example, if a bundle is not true. Or there is a bad contact surfaces of joints, because they are starting to wear hard. In this case, there is a risk of swelling – joints will protect themselves by producing fluid in large quantities. This significantly increases the joints – and this is a reason to see a doctor.

Cracking in the joints, regardless of age, may indicate that the body disturbed metabolism of a endocrine diseases or obesity. Moreover, such a state of the joints can be inherited from the parents.

Damage to the joints (eg, knee) may be caused by trauma – such as damage to the meniscus, and more.

Moreover, and important form of feet – if there are X-shaped, or other curved legs, then uneven stress on the joints. Experts explain that in this case the owners of the benefits just at the beautiful and smooth legs. In other cases, it may require special exercises, treatments, medications. Possibly surgery.

Often women have a habit especially crunching his knuckles. If you do that all the time, may appear subluxations. This has a negative impact on the mobility of the fingers, and the appearance of the hands.

If the doctor has diagnosed the disease of the joints, it does not mean you have to limit itself to the movements. Even opposite – instead of lying on the couch with a better view of the patient to stand on rollers or master the bike at least actively move and swim. To restore every single joint exercises are special – they help to normalize blood circulation, and therefore normalize the joints.

Problems with the joints may begin every woman in menopause – the doctor will explain how to take medications to prevent the weakening of the bones and connective tissue due to hormonal changes.

If the joints are served such signs as the crunch should take all possible measures in order to avoid serious consequences. For minor violations in their work may lead to the need for washing and Clean-Out joints, or even to replace it as the only way out.

Apart from the standard of prevention, it is recommended to eat a normal jelly – it contains cartilage in a special form, the degree of processing it allows joints to absorb the necessary substances. Furthermore, it is necessary to have always been present in the diet in sufficient amounts of vitamins such sources as fruits and vegetables. Keep the joints and stay healthy!